Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, November 29, 2012

ReasonTV: 1000 Wrongfully Convicted and Counting: New Registry Checks Justice System

I do believe in being tough on crime but being tough on criminals, the people who actually committed the crimes. And being tough on the people who committed crimes and represent a threat to society, murderers, rapists, terrorists, gang bangers. To use as examples, people who get high and use illegal narcotics, don't fit this category and people who were wrongly convicted. Don't fit that category either, which is why being tough on crime is not good enough we also have to be. Smart on crime as well, because yes innocent people who were convicted can get off eventually, so some may. Say thats good enough but it isn't because once you enter the Criminal Justice System, your life changes. You forever, especially depending on how long you are in prison, once you enter the CJS, you are now surrendered. By real criminals, people who are exactly where they should be and now your life, physical health, as well as independence. Are now at risk, you may up having to do things in prison you normally wouldn't do, to prevent future harm from coming your way. Which can also get you into trouble with the prison itself if you are breaking prison rules.

So yes for felons and criminals who represent a threat to society, we need to be tough on them and make. Sure they are behind bars until they serve their debt to society but those are the people we need to be tough on. Not people we think did the crime or they had the best opportunity to commit the crime but we don't know for sure. Because we didn't do all of our homework and didn't do a complete investigation.