Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ron Paul 2008: Brook Siliva-Braga Interviewing Ron Paul- "Democrats and Republicans Are Dinosaurs"

Source: Ron Paul 2008-
Source: Ron Paul 2008: Brook Silva-Braga Interviewing Ron Paul- "Democrats and Republicans Are Dinosaurs"

I at least borderline hate the two-party system and this is coming from a hard core Liberal Democrat. Who'll be a Democrat as long as the Social Democrats/Socialists who aren't Liberals, aren't running the party. And so far so good considering, we've nominated Barack Obama who at best is a true Progressive as far as the political spectrum is concern. That Democrats aren't ready to go to the Far- Left and bring back the Greens and people who call themselves Democratic Socialists. But I believe even Social Democrats deserve a voice in American politics. And I don't see them representing a threat to Democrats, except for maybe the Progressive Caucus. Because the country is becoming more liberal-libertarian, not socialist as a country. And even if I did see Social Democrats as a threat to the Democratic party as far as winning elections, I would still believe that they deserve a voice in American politics as an American. To the point that they should have their own party. What they have now is a small voice in the Democratic party, but not much of a leadership role.

This might also sound strange but I believe that Republican Party needs some competition on the right. If you consider libertarianism to be on the right, to me I see them further left of Liberals on social issues, but obviously not socialist, but putting that aside for a moment, the Republican party as it's currently constructed is going to expire. They rely too much on voters that are even dying off or are becoming a small minority in the country. Who won't adjust to the changing America and still believed in so called traditional values and people who don't fit into this box, they view as Un-American. The Religious-Right, Tea Party Nationalists, are dying off and won't be a factor in American politics as far as leading Republicans to victory probably within eight years. Closer to four years and since the country is becoming more liberal-libertarian and these people aren't being replaced and are dying off, the GOP will have to adapt and bring in new voters, or they will no longer be a major party.

What could happen is that either the Republican party adapts and brings back Conservative Libertarians into the GOP, as well as economically conservative Latino-Americans, as well as Asian- Americans and perhaps even African-Americans. But people who are at least moderate on social issues. Either these people come back to the GOP, or the GOP will either go out-of-business. Or the GOP will once again become a conservative party in the mold of Barry Goldwater, or Ron Paul and no longer a authoritarian religious party that they are now, or the GOP will go out-of-business as a major party. And be replaced by the Libertarian Party, or something like an Independence Party, or a combination of both with what's left of the Goldwater/Reagan coalition merging into this new conservative party. Because we won't survive very long as a liberal democracy with one-party rule.

We currently have a two-party duopoly in America, thats obvious. But with the situation that the GOP is in today and where they are headed demographically and the feeling by a majority of Americans that we need a third-party, here's the opening that Libertarians and Socialists have to get into the game and build up their political movements. And force these new third-parties onto ballots and into debates and give Democrats and Republicans real competition on the right and left in America.