Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New American: Thomas R. Eddlem- The Ron Paul Revolution Moves to Congress

Source: Scott Nix
Source: The New American: Ron Eddlem- The Ron Paul Revolution Moves to Congress

The future of libertarianism in the GOP? Well, Ron Paul is now 77 years old and is leaving the House of Representatives, so at the very least will no longer be much of a presence even in the House, let alone Congress as a whole. Senate Democrats will once again be in control of the Senate in the next Congress and just added two seats to their majority in 2012. And House Republicans will have a smaller majority in the next Congress than they have in this Congress. So, enough about Congress as far as Ron Paul. Besides, I'm tired of talking about Congress anyhow. But the movement he launched with my Generation X and even some Millennial's who have the most support for socialism as far as generation, which is really the opposite of libertarianism has real momentum with young adults in America. And there still plenty of members of Congress in both parties and in both chamber's, like Senator Rand Paul, (Ron Paul's son) Representative Justin Amash, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Mike Lee, Representative Walter Jones, and many others who've have real respect for libertarianism. And perhaps at least could be described as Conservative Libertarians. Because they believe in economic freedom, civil liberties, and federalism.