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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Atlantic: Derek Thompson: "A Giant Statistical Round-Up of Income Inequality": Why Some People Make So Much More Money Then Others

A Giant Statistical Round-Up of the Income Inequality Crisis in 16 Charts - The Atlantic

I read a column in the Progressive magazine Salon on Wednesday that was about McDonalds executives making. So much more money then their employees who work service industry jobs and arguing that somehow this was unfair. But if you look at the skills and education levels of the white collar workers and compare them with service industry workers. You'll see that the income difference between the two is not surprising, the amount of money that workers make in America. Is tied to their education levels and their qualifications, its real simple the more you know and more you are able. To do as a worker in this country, the better you'll be able to do in life, the more and better job opportunities you'll have in life. And the more money you'll be able to make and its a difference also in being able to have one good job and having. To work at least two jobs probably both minimum wage or just over that, in order to pay your bills, plus the. Public assistance you'll be collecting as well as a low income workers just to make ends meat.

Income inequality if you want to call it that, I'm not sure thats the proper term because wealthy people and upper. Middle class people simply tend to be have better skills and education then low income workers, so maybe we need a new term. Like income differential but whatever you call this, its a problem in the sense that we simply have to many low income. Workers and people living in poverty in America for a developed country that have the largest economy in the World. Its a problem because we simply have so many people living in poverty who are forced to live off of tax payers. Just to get by and its a problem because their kids most likely end up having to deal with the same issues in life. Not finishing school, not being able to go to a good school and perhaps ending up in the. Criminal justice system in some shape or form with their kids perhaps looking at the same future as well.

I've said this several times before and I've said this on this blog that this large income differential simply doesn't. Have to exist that we don't have to have so many people living in poverty in this country and working in poverty as well. But it gets back to education, what you know and how much you know that will determine how well you'll. Do in life in America and the more people we have who have a good education, the less poor people we'll have. So if we want to fix this problem, which I certainly do we simply need a better public education system. Where the income level of your parents doesn't determine what level of education you'll get in life and how good. Of an education you'll get in life as well but the level of education and the quality of education you receive in life. Is really up to the students and parents themselves, what they do with the opportunity to have a good education. And give themselves a good quality of life.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe in what President Bill Clinton calls the opportunity society, where all Americans. Would have an opportunity to chart their own course in life, the freedom to live their own lives, not where success. Would be guaranteed but where the opportunity to have their own economic freedom would be there for them. And what they do with that opportunity is completely up to them which is a society we simply don't have right now.