Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Atlantic: Politics: Elspeth Reeve: Making Sense of Speaker Boehner's Plan B: Why President Obama Shouldn't Make The Perfect The Enemy of The Good

Making Sense of Boehner's New Plan B - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

Speaker Boehner has put a millionaires tax on the table, President Obama should take that right now for what. Its worth and credit the Speaker of the House as putting a serious proposal on the table and also credit him. For how hard that is especially considering how linked House Republicans are to the no tax pledge, come up from 250K$. And take the millionaires tax and go from there, we get a trillion dollars from that in deficit reduction, perhaps put. New tax reform on the table on President Obama's part like with reforming the home mortgage interest deduction. President Obama won a mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for deficit reduction, which is something. That Speaker Boehner is finally acknowledging and something that Senate Republicans have already acknowledge. As well as some House Republicans like Representative Tom Cole, so the President should take the offer on tax hikes. And then move to things where they aren't in complete agreement on yet, like on entitlement reform and tax reform. As well as using the money that goes to pay for our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq to pay for deficit reduction. Instead of putting that money back in the defense budget, which is what Neoconservatives have been calling for.

If the President doesn't take the Speaker's offer on the millionaires tax and Senate Democrats refuse to hold a vote. On it that would give the Speaker an opportunity to use it against Democrats and he would be smart to hold a vote on it in the House. And actually put pressure on House Democrats to vote against their party Leader and vote against raising taxes. On millionaires, the Speaker could pull a reverse on Democrats and accuse Democrats of protecting millionaires. A position that Democrats don't want to be in and it would be great Republican politics if they were to pull it off. Meaning if a millionaires tax were to pass the House and see how many Democrats would vote against it and if. Senate Democrats would even take it up or not, this is how divided government works and even though Republicans. Only control one half of Congress and are also the opposition party, they still have enough power to stop Democrats. And Democrats can stop them in more ways but they can still stop each other enough to stop them.

Again this is how divided government works, the Speaker put a real proposal on the table as it relates to tax hikes. I'm not just saying this as a Democrat who would prefer the millionaires taxes over an upper middle class tax hike would be. Which is a category that most Americans who make 250K$ a year would be in but also because this is what. A real compromise looks like, since the President wants 250K$ and just a couple weeks ago House Republicans. Were saying no to any tax hikes on anyone.