Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Economic Policy Journal: Robert Wenzel- How to Fight the Neocons

Source: Economic Policy Journal- Robert Wenzel-
Source: Economic Policy Journal: Robert Wenzel- How to Fight The Neocons:

"I receive a surprising number of emails asking me about specific "libertarian" organizations and whether it makes sense to donate to them...."

There's sort of this growing debate in the libertarian movement of how they should move forward and who they should get behind. Should they try to grow the Libertarian Party so in the future they can become a major party that can compete with Republicans and Democrats or should they attempt a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. And take on the Neoconservatives and Theocrats and turn the GOP into a real conservative libertarian party to confront the left. But that can also be successful and powerful enough across the country that can actually govern America and at least as far as I see it as someone who describes his own politics as liberal democratic.  But perhaps for more people to be able to understand it as Liberal-Libertarian.

American Libertarians are at a fork in the road. And have a big choice to make and they can either fund the LP big time and that means recruiting Libertarian-Republicans out of the GOP and into the LP or they can takeover the GOP and only fund Libertarians and take on Neoconservative Republicans in primaries, that sort of thing. And then general elections and increase their numbers in Congress and at state and local governments and win governorships and so-forth.

There are actual Conservative-Libertarians in Congress both in the House and Senate. Senator Rand Paul comes to mind, but you also have Senator Mike Lee from Utah and Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. And you go over in the House you have Representative Justin Amash and others over there. This is the future of the Republican Party and the conservative-libertarian movement if they just take it, all the GOP has to do is get behind it because this is where the country is going politically.

Where you have Liberals on the center-left such as myself and. You have Conservative-Libertarians on the center-right. but where the statists on the left, the Social-Democrats and even Communists. And statists on the right the Neoconservatives are both losing ground and won't be major factors in American politics in the future because America is moving towards becoming as what Barry Goldwater said that he wants big government out of his wallet and bedroom. And believes Americans should be free to live their own lives. That is where the country is going.

American libertarianism is at a fork in the road and they have a choice. They can takeover the GOP and perhaps be running that party within 4-8 years or they can build up the Libertarian Party and build it up to the point that it could replace the Republican Party as the major conservative party in America. Which would be a long-term project. But Libertarians can't do both, otherwise they won't have enough resources to build the LP or takeover the GOP. But they need to decide where they are going if they want to be a major factor in American politics.
Robert Wenzel: U.S. Representative Ron Paul- Don't Give The Neocons an Inch