Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: LearnLiberty: Social Justice and Its Critics: How to Help The Less Fortunate

The term Social Justice has been used to describe this feeling that society is unjust, because some people. Have a lot of money and are very successful in life and really only need government to look after their physical well being. And that they aren't being screwed by business's and even their employers, even if they've earned all of their money. Because they've been very productive in life and have created a lot of products and jobs that people need. That somehow its unjust that these people have so much more money and are so much more successful in life. Then poor or low income people, even if the less fortunate in life are low income because of bad choices they've. Made in life, not finishing school, having kids too early, getting involved in crime and drugs and so. Fourth that its somehow unjust that the people who have been successful in life have so much more then people who have been unsuccessful in life. And if anything live off of the production of the successful people through public assistance.

I believe Social Justice is a bad term to describe how we as a country private or public should be helping. People who haven't made it in life and its borderline insulting and suggests that society is somehow unjust. That we live in a country where if you get a good education, work hard, play by the rules, are intelligent and are productive in life. And as a result make a lot of money, that its somehow unjust for you to be able to keep all of this wealth. That you've created over the people who haven't been very successful and productive in life, who didn't finish school. And so fourth and that perhaps Social Justice is not the right term for people who believe in what. I would call Robin H
ood economics, take from the rich to give to government to take care of the. Poor that maybe what we should call this is instead of Social Justice, is perhaps Social Dependence.

Since we have so many poor people and we have a much smaller population in life that are very successful. That instead of empowering the low income people to be successful and even wealthy in life, since we have this. Big pot of money created by the wealthy and take that money and give it to government to take care of the poor. Which would create the opposite of what we want, because of having more successful people in life, who've work hard. And have been very productive, you would have less of that, because we would be incentivizing people not to be. Because if they are, they'll just lose a lot of that money to the poor through government. True Social Justice would be a society, a Liberal Democracy where everyone would have an. Opportunity in life to be as productive and as successful as what the put into life and a society like. That is going to have very successful people as well as poor people.

Its not a question if should we help poor people or not, its just a matter of how, should we empower. Them to be successful in life, through education, job training and job placement into good jobs once they get a good education. And now have the skills to work those jobs, or should we just let them live off the people who've made it in life. By getting education and being productive and since its always better to have more successful people then unsuccessful people. So we all benefit in society, I'm in favor of empowering anyone who needs it to be able to take care of themselves.