Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lew Rockwell Blog: Gary North: Don't End The Charitable Deduction Tax Credit: How to Empower Non Profits to Move People out of Poverty

Are the Billionaire Koch Brothers Economic Imbeciles? The Cato Institute Proposes a Test by Gary North

How about instead of having a War on Poverty in America which is more like a War in Poverty helping people. Who live in poverty rather then actually helping people get out of poverty, that we end this failed war along. With the War on Drugs but thats for another blog and almost act as if we never created the War on Poverty and replace. It with a strategy against poverty or a campaign thats against poverty with the sole purpose and goals of actually. Moving people out of poverty with of course temporary financial assistance for people who can't afford to take. Care of themselves but again with policies that actually move people out of poverty and the Charitable Tax Deduction. A tax deduction that people can get by donating money to charities is a way to accomplish this. We of course need tax reform in America and hopefully we'll get that in the next Congress for both our economic. And fiscal health but ending the Charitable Tax Deduction will cause new problems even though it might help. To solve one problem and this is not a don't tax me tax the other guy argument but the CTD is a very effective tool in fighting poverty in America.

We should if anything be encouraging people to donate more to charity and to even work for charity especially. As volunteers and I would go even further and allow volunteers to deduct the amount of time they volunteer. For charities from their taxes up to lets say 10-20 hours a week to encourage more people to volunteer for charities. And we should be empowering charities and our broader non profit sector especially the groups that. Work at finding affordable housing for the poor and homeless, who work in job training for our low skilled workers. Who work at finding jobs for the low skilled and unemployed, who provide free healthcare for people who. Can't afford it, who work at soup kitchens and so fourth, we could develop a private non profit anti poverty system. In this country that would never have to worry about having enough financing and empower these groups. To actually move people out of poverty in the areas of basic needs, education, job training and education.

Just because you believe in limited government whether you are on the right or in my case on the left, that. Doesn't mean you necessarily believe in doing nothing for the poor and less fortunate but since you do believe. That government doesn't have all of the answers and can't fix all of the problems on their own, that are other more effective ways. To helping the less fortunate in society thats actually centered around moving people out of poverty by empowering them to make that move.