Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lew Rockwell Blog: Gary North: "Why the Gun Control Movement Is Doomed": Why America Will Never Outlaw The Second Amendment

Why the Gun Control Movement Is Doomed by Gary North

I'll give Progressive-Social Democrats in America the political faction thats goal is turning America into some. Type of Socialist Republic or Social Democracy like in Europe, I'll give them credit for one thing as it relates. To the latest shooting tragedy in Connecticut last week that they haven't jumped the gun and called for repealing. The second amendment to the US Constitution the right to own and posses guns in America because even though. I'm sure there's a faction in the Progressive movement that would like to outlaw guns in America but there's. Also a faction in it that has enough political sense and understands American politics enough to know. That will probably never happen, America is becoming more Liberal-Libertarian as a country more individualist. Individual freedom is becoming more popular in this country everyday and less Socialist and collectivist. And I believe Progressives understand this and understand that for them to accomplish what they want, they need. To be more practical and talk about gun control rather then repealing the second amendment and outlawing guns.

So what Progressives have been doing is sounding more moderate as it relates to guns and comparing gun regulations. Of other countries compared with America and saying they don't outlaw guns over there but regulate more then. They do here and here are the results in Britain to use as an example compared with America and thats why. We should consider doing what they are doing rather then saying guns should be outlawed in America because. Innocent people die as a result, well I have news for them innocent Americans would die from gun use. Anyway even if we did outlaw guns because criminals operate above the law by nature or otherwise they wouldn't. Be criminals and violent offenders would find access to guns like dealers and users of illegal narcotics would. Have access to illegal narcotics in this country in the War on Drugs, if people want something bad enough. They'll find a way to get it and people say where strict gun regulation works in other countries but I'll tell. Them that they are talking about completely different cultures compared with Americans.

When Progressives see something they don't like that they consider to be dangerous in the country, they automatically. Move to outlaw it as we saw with alcohol prohibition in the 1930s and 40s and as we saw back in June in New York City. Where Mayor Mike Bloomberg is trying to out law soft drinks but what they don't seem to understand but perhaps. Now are finally getting the idea is that if Americans want something bad enough they'll find a way to get it. Whether its legal or not.