Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lew Rockwell Blog: Paul Green: "Social Conservative Pharisees": The Difference Between Religious and Social Conservatism

Social Conservative Pharisees by Paul Green

When I think of Conservatism social Conservatism even I think of a philosophy thats about conserving freedom including. Social freedom not subtracting from Americans freedom or calling them immoral and Un American because. Their cultural and religious values are different from yours, so people who are on the religious right lets say. Which again for me at least would be different from the political right wouldn't be people that I would at least. Define as social Conservatives and perhaps not Conservatives at all at least in the political sense because they all. Tend to believe in top down economics that if we empower corporations and other business's even. At the expense of the rest of the country, that somehow this power would move down to the rest of the country. So things like regulating business's and the right to organize for labor would be outlawed if these so called. Conservatives were in power, this isn't Conservative because Conservatives by definition believe in the power. Of individual freedom and that business's should be empowered to be able to be successful just not at the expense of the individual.

These so called social Conservatives also tend to claim they believe in fiscal responsibility except of course when. It comes to the defense budget which also happens to be the largest budget in the Federal Government. Listening to these so called Conservatives you would get the idea if you didn't know any better that there's. Never a time to find waste and savings in the defense budget because the DOD never wastes money or spends too much of it. Even though they are responsible for the national security of developed nations that can afford to protect themselves. To use as an example of defense waste so to hear these people talk about fiscal Conservatism and Conservatism. More broadly its a little hard to take seriously because if they were real fiscal Conservatives they would be. For cutting waste and finding saving wherever possible whether its defense, agriculture, social insurance. They would support going and cutting waste and making savings where the waste is and wherever savings can be made.

I don't see the welfare state and Democratic Socialism as a form of economic Liberalism as I see religious and cultural bigotry. As a form of Conservatism, Progressive-Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats are both on the left. But both have different philosophies at least as it relates to economics but in a lot of cases those differences are in social issues like when it comes. To hate speech and the second amendment to use as examples where Progressives tend to believe in more state control. And I don't see religious Conservatism as a form of Conservatism at least politically, Conservatives believe in. Individual freedom and even social freedom where these so called religious Conservatives tend to be more Statist.