Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 24, 2012

LibertyPen: PBS: Firing Line 1977: F A Hayek: Arbitrary Wealth Redistribution

In danger of sounding repetitive because I know I've made this point before but its not a question. Of whether government redistributes wealth or not, its just a matter if government should be redistributing wealth or not. Or should government redistributing more or less wealth or about the same as it is now thats the question. To give you an example government taxing Joe or Marry in Pittsburgh to build a road for Bob and Sally in St. Louis. Is an example of redistributing wealth or taxing people in Boston to build a military base. In Denver would be an example of redistributing wealth, anytime government taxes people to create new or fund. Current services its redistributing wealth, because its taxing people yes at their benefit well thats. The idea anyway to provide a service for other people, wealth redistribution is not just about the rich or middle class. To take care of the less fortunate but its about taxing x to help out y or z or whoever that I'm afraid. Of a lot of people don't seem to understand so when I hear people say they are against wealth redistribution. I wonder if they are against government funding of roads and military bases and so fourth.

Since its not a question of whether government redistributes wealth or not but a question of whether. Government should be redistributing wealth or not, or to what degree it should be if at all redistributing wealth. Then thats the debate we should be having and I come down on the side when it comes to social insurance. Until we set up a system where everyone in need to not only be able to pay their current bills and be able. To survive in the short term but be able to get themselves the skills to be able to take care of themselves. In the long term, until we have a system in the private sector that can provide these services which. We don't have right now, then we need government to play a role here, a smaller but more effective role. And it doesn't have to be the Federal Government doing that, as Libertarian Presidential nominee. Gary Johnson proposed this year we could block grant the safety net down to state and local. Government for them to run with the resources to run themselves.

So its not a question of whether government in America redistributes wealth or not, government at all. Levels in this country does that but we do a lot less of it then other countries and Progressives. In this country would like us to redistribute a lot more wealth, Libertarians practically none. If any at all and Liberals such as myself would redistribute it differently not to take care of people. But to empower them and Conservatives would just redistribute a lot less wealth in this country.