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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reason: Emily Ekins: Young Classical Liberals Voted For President Obama

Young Libertarians Voted For Obama

There's this growing feeling in America amongst young voters, people in my generation and younger Americans. Born in the 1960s, 70s and 80s to be more specific that we should be free to live our lives and that government. Shouldn't interfere with our personal lives, that we should have vast social freedom as long as we aren't hurting innocent people. But that government should pay its bills, get the debt and deficit under control in a responsible way, while at the same time. Keeping taxes down for at least the overwhelmingly majority of Americans, you don't see Democrats calling for. Middle class tax hikes for the most part in Washington, at least outside of the Progressive Caucus and these voters. Overwhelmingly voted for President Obama and if the didn't vote for the President, they voted for Gary Johnson for President. Something like 7-10 young American voters voted for the President, 3-10 young voters didn't vote for Mitt Romney. They voted for someone other then the President and Mitt Romney was part of that.

These voters represented the difference for why the President was reelected and not defeated, because Democrats. Are seen as tolerant and believers in social freedom and at least in Barack Obama's case, not someone whose going. To raise taxes on the middle class, young people don't tend to want the government or any other part of the establishment. To tell them what to do and especially make it harder for them to pay their bills and lot of these voters are small business. Owners and managers and in some cases managing or owning big business's, so they want taxes and regulations down. But they also don't want government to interfere in their personal lives, doesn't mean they are all Libertarian. There's a strong Liberal tradition that believes in the same thing but isn't as fiscally Libertarian as Libertarians tend to be. These people would I guess be called classical Liberals today but I call them Liberal Democrats.