Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reason: Jacob Sullum: "Why Progressives Support Welfare for the Rich": Why Progressives Don't Like Savings To Entitlements

Why Progressives Support Welfare for the Rich

Social Democrats are oppose to means testing and other savings to entitlements for a couple of reasons at least as I see it. One they believe in the welfare state and put most of their ideological faith in it, that government is in the business to provide for peoples basic needs. Education, healthcare, health insurance, childcare even, I've been in a debate on Facebook with someone, who believes America. Should have a national pension system run by the Federal Government, that would replace private pension plans. And I doubt this person is the only Social Democrat in America who believes in that, they put so much faith in the. Welfare state and see it as so perfect and exactly what any moral and just economic system should be based on. That questioning anything about it that suggests that it may need reforms, so the people who depend on the safety net. Will have it when they need it, is not only Conservative but also immoral and mean spirited.

When it comes to means testing, Progressives see it that as once we go down that road, Americans who don't. Need the safety net, will start refusing to pay into it since they don't get any benefit out of it and will stop voting for politicians. That support some type of a safety net, which doesn't make sense because America tends to be very a compassionate country. We just don't tend to like help people who don't do everything they can to help themselves but the people who do need help. We are more then willing to lend a helping hand, I use to believe myself that means testing was the way to go to protect Medicare. And Social Security, now I believe its not necessary and perhaps not even a good idea, because should be able. To collect from things they've paid into, especially when they are forced to pay into them and with Medicare. It would be better off if we had wealthy people on it, because they tend to be healthier, because they have access. To all the healthcare they need and can afford to take care of themselves very well.

What we need to do however, is tax wealthy people who pay into and collect from Social Security and Medicare. To save those programs and you would think that people who believe in the safety net so much, especially Progressives would be willing to. Do whatever it took to make those programs solvent and around for anyone who needs them, it would be in their interest as well as the country's. But Progressives tend to think more about their ideology then anything else and have such strong beliefs. That anything that contradicts that, needs to be shut down as soon as possible.