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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reason: Opinion- John Stossel- It's the Spending, Stupid!

Source: Liberty Pen-
Source: Reason: Opinion- John Stossel- It's the Spending, Stupid!

California is known for passing referendums demanding that the State Government pay for new things and provide for new public services and spend more money on current public services without giving their policy makers the resources to pay for them. So it's no wonder why California has the debt and deficit and why their economy is as weak as it is today. I wish that the spending problem amongst Americans only existed in California.

But the fact is it goes all across the country in what Americans expect from their Federal Government and what they expect Congress and the Administration to provide for them. We have all of these public services and a lot of them popular that Americans expect from their Federal Government, but when the bill comes to pay for them and the money is short and the Feds tell them for government to continue to provide the current services under law, we either need more money from the people being the tax payers, or we are going to have cut these services or cut other services. And Americans continue to say that we need a balance approach of revenue and savings, just as long as it doesn't come from them.

My basic point that Americans themselves could go a long way in solving the debt and deficit problem of now. And solve the revenue/spending problem in Washington themselves by telling their leaders that they know there's only so much revenue in the economy and government at all levels is actually limited on what it can do for the people based on tax revenue available in the economy. But also what Americans are willing to pay for the services provided for them by government. So instead of threatening to fire their leaders for telling them the truth when it comes to revenue and spending, Americans could instead tell them this is the amount of money they're Willing to give government, these are the services I expect government to provide for and now it's up to government to figure out what they can do for us based on the money taxpayers are giving government. And these decisions would be a lot easier to make for lawmakers making government more effective because it would be more realistic and limited because it would have priorities.

Limited government is very simple to me as a Liberal.

This is what we need government to do for us and this. Is the revenue that we have to finance it and no more. And if government had more of this approach, we would avoid these fiscal crisis's in the future, because instead of having public services for us based on what's popular, they would be based on what we need government to do with individuals being empowered to handle the rest for themselves.
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