Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, December 6, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Reason: Mike Riggs: America's Prison Population Is Finally Shrinking and Here's Why

America's Prison Population Is Finally Shrinking. Here's Why.

There are some actual good things that come with tight government budgets and revenue, especially if you are. A real Liberal such as myself, a real Conservative like a Barry Goldwater or a Libertarian, who believes in limited government. And why do I say that, because it forces governments, the Feds, states and locals to rethink how they finance their operations. And forces them to be more creative  in how they pay for their operations and our corrections system. That combines Federal and state all across the country is a perfect example of that, because we have 2M people in prison or jail. In this country that is a Liberal Democracy and a lot our inmates are in prison because of our failed War on Drugs. Or other non violent crimes, offenders that could be dealt with in either county jail or at some type of halfway house. Or something, rather then sending them to state or Federal prison, so in tough budget times like that, it forces. Policy makers to reexamine how we fund our governments and where we can cut cost.

Instead of sending drug offenders to prison, we could be sending them to drug rehab and thats if we are going. To continue to prosecute the War on Drugs, me personally I believe the marijuana should be legal at the Federal level. Allowing the states to make that decision for themselves but that the Feds wouldn't get in the way and we should be. Decriminalizing other illegal narcotics, meaning we would no longer be sending people to prison for simple use of. Heroin or cocaine to use as examples and people who are caught high on those narcotics or caught committing other crimes. While on those narcotics, we would fine them for the amount of illegal narcotics that they posses, rather then sending them to prison. And for addicts, we would send them to drug rehab at their expense, rather then prison or rehab at our expense. Again for other non violent offenders who don't represent a serious threat to society but do need some type of. Official supervision, there other ways not including prison that we could use to deal with them.

Things like halfway houses again at the residents expense and work release, community service to go along with their jobs. Would be the way to supervise these non violent offenders, that governments could actually make money off. Rather then losing money from prisons, doing things like this would also contribute to bringing down our overall corrections costs. Because we wouldn't need to house so many people in prison.