Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 3, 2012

Reason: Sheldon Richman: Rachel Maddow's Blind Deference to Government Power: A Difference Between Liberals and Progressives/Social Democrats

Rachel Maddow's Blind Deference to Government Power

I wrote a couple of blogs last week about the differences between Liberalism the ideology I follow as a Liberal. And Libertarianism, which is close to Liberalism perhaps a lot closer then people realize or are willing to admit to. Now I'm going to explain a difference between Liberalism and Progressivism/Democratic Socialism. Progressivism and Democratic Socialism essentially being the same thing and just one difference would be the role of government. More specifically the role of limited government and what government can to do improve the lives of individuals. Because as a Liberal I'm constantly hearing about how Liberals put so much faith in the state and that the state. Can do so much for the people with their own money and how we put so much faith into the state, meaning the Federal Government. To solve the problems of individuals.

What I'm thinking when I hear this and I'm hearing about the people who are suppose to be these Liberals. Who love government so much, one thing as a  Liberal don't believe in that, we don't value government more then individuals. Themselves and these people who are suppose to be the Liberals, who are suppose to have so much faith into the state, are simply not Liberals. At least not in economic and fiscal policy and at times aren't even Liberal when it comes to social issues or foreign policy as well. The MSNBC audience and their talk show lineup, are no more Liberal then the Mike Huckabees over at FNC and the. Religious right are Conservative, sure religious Conservatives but not Conservative at least in a political sense. They put their faith in their religious beliefs and thats really their governing ideology and they value that over. The US Constitution and individuals to make their own decisions with their own lives.

The Rachel Maddow's, Chris Hays and the MSNBC audience and crowd are what's called and known as Social Democrats. Democratic Socialists even which is how they would be defined in Canada and in Europe, a lot of times people over there in those Social Democracies. Are simply called Socialists, people we call in America Progressives and they do put their faith in the state, meaning the. Federal Government  to solve the country's problems and tend to look at society and government as part of. The same thing, that we should build a society that has equality with no poor people and people without. Healthcare and so fourth but what they are really talking about is building a government in the European Social Democratic. Mode to make all of these things happen for the people at our expense, Liberals believe in individual freedom. And the people and that we should all be empowered to make our own decisions.

Liberals vs Progressives/Social Democrats, its really the people vs government, who has the power in the country. I believe Social Democrats would like to create a society where again we would all be the same and basically have the same. Outlook on life and live our lives the same way basically and this debate is really about the role of government. Liberals believe there's a limit to what government can do for the people to benefit them, Progressives tend to believe. That government can do anything for the people to make their lives better, they simply just need the peoples money to do it for them.