Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reason: Sheldon Richman: Romanticizing Taxation

Romanticizing Taxation

I'm one of the last people to ever speak in favor of taxation, I purely see taxes an one of those necessary evils. That we all have to pay as a price for living in a civilize society but to only provide the services for us at our expense. Since we the people are consuming these necessary services that we need to live in a civilize society, so that we are protected. From criminals, terrorists, foreign invaders to use as examples, that we all have access to education but that government. Should only be taxing us to the point, thats consistent with a strong economy and fiscal responsibility. And only providing is with the services that people can't do for themselves or do as well, this is what taxes are to me as a Liberal. Conservatives tend to have similar views of taxes, that individual freedom should be vast and that government should be. Limited so it doesn't get in the way of individual freedom and only provide us with the services that the people. Need the government to provide for us.

Progressives and Libertarians have much different views on taxes. But for opposite reasons, Progressives see taxes as an opportunity for government to insure that we have. What they call Social Justice, a term I borderline hate but thats for a different blog, meaning Progressives see. Taxes as an opportunity to provide for the people who don't have enough, at the expense of the people that they. See as having too much and to provide for the people basic human services that they don't trust the private sector to provide for them. And to also protect people from themselves, to keep them from drinking and smoking to use as examples and that people are living what they would call a quality life. Libertarians tend to see taxes as theft, only people would be described as Liberal-Libertarians, the Gary Johnson's of the World. See taxes as necessary evils but that they should be low and rare and should take out of us what we take. From society rather then taxing us based on what we produce for society.

As long as you believe in limited government which again is government thats only in the business to do for. Us what we can't do for ourselves or do as well, then you can also believe in taxes and be consistent with the belief. That a Liberal Democracy should have a Liberal amount of individual freedom, meaning a lot of it and the best way to achieve this. Is through a limited government in a Liberal Democracy, once you go much further then that and have this Utopian. View of what America can be if Americans just gave government the resources to build this for them. Then you become dangerous with the peoples money and start trying to things for the people with other peoples money. And as we know people tend to spend their own money better then they spend other peoples money.