Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Reason: Brian Doherty: US Representative Justin Amash: "GOP Leaders Are Willing to Take Really Bad Deals to Avoid any Defense Cuts"

Justin Amash: GOP Leaders "Are Willing to Take Really Bad Deals to Avoid any Defense Cuts"

Its looks like according to Representative Justin Amash Republican from Michigan, who serves on the Budget Committee. At least in this Congress, believes that Republicans Leaders in the House, are now considering tax hikes, to avoid cutting the defense budget. That this now thirty year GOP opposition to tax hikes, is now losing steam to this ten year or so opposition to defense cuts. That there's no room in the 700B$ defense budget to make cuts and cut waste, if you are familiar with the US defense budget. You know thats nonsense, especially when we, tax payers are responsible for the national defense of Europe. Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea, all developed nations at our expense, that even pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq. And using those savings to help pay down the deficit, in not an area where we can find savings in the defense budget. That instead that money should go back into the defense budget.

Its already hard for me as a Democrat to take Republicans seriously when it comes to deficit reduction, at least. Republicans who were around in Congress when the Republicans gave us the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Medicare Advantage. Roughly 3T$ in new Federal Government spending all of course put on the National Debt Card but this idea that there's. Simply no room to cut in a defense budget of over 700B$, again when we are already responsible for the national defense. Of developed nations around the World, again at our expense, just makes it harder to take Republicans seriously on fiscal policy.