Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reason: Jacob Sullum: What President Obama Can Do Right Now to End Outrageous Prison Sentences

What Obama Can Do Right Now to End Outrageous Prison Sentences

Here's another example of how stupid the War on Drugs is in America, which is really an example of a war on. Individual freedom, punishing people for what they do to themselves, rather then what they do to innocent people. In this case its what are called mandatory sentences, where people who are convicted of drug offenses, can be sentenced. To prison based on how much in narcotics they possessed and if they were convicted of prior drug offenses. They can be sent to prison for what they have been just convicted of, plus additional time because of their past convictions. So we end up with a system where people are sentenced to 25-life in prison, because they were convicted of possessing. Lets say a hundred grams of cocaine to use as an example, plus for whatever they were convicted of in the past. As it relates to illegal narcotics, not even convicted of dealing illegal narcotics but simple possession of narcotics. They might not even be convicted of intent to sell illegal narcotics but just for simple possession.

What we should be doing instead in this country, is sentencing convicted offenders based on the threat they represent. To the country, not based on the amount of illegal narcotics they possess and getting drug addicts into mandatory rehab. Which could be handled by the private sector at the addicts expense and do things like legalizing but taxing an regulating marijuana. As well as decriminalizing other illegal narcotics, fining people for selling and using other illegal narcotics. And getting drug addicts into rehab again in the private sector at their own expense.