Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, December 23, 2012

ReasonTV: James Payne on Six Political Illusions of Government

This is the exact debate about what the role of government should be in America, what's the role of government. Because its not a debate about government should do everything for the people to doing almost nothing. For the people even though we have those factions in this country from Socialists to Libertarians. But I believe most of the debate on this issue is between the center left where I guess I am as a Liberal. To the center right where actual Conservatives tend to be not Neoconservatives who are far right in America. And what's interesting is the Liberals and Conservatives have more in common in this debate then. People tend to think, we both believe that government should be limited, only doing for us what we. Can't do for ourselves or can't do as well, for example we don't believe in privatizing law enforcement. Or privatizing the military to use as examples and that government shouldn't be intrusive, that it. Should be there to protect us from people who would intentionally do us harm but that it shouldn't be. There to protect us from ourselves.

The debate about the role of government is really between the forty yard lines or the 35s rather then. The end zones where there's a Libertarian faction that wants government to do practically nothing for us. To a more Socialist faction that wants government to do practically everything for us, to a Neoconservative faction. That believes that social freedom should be limited to protect us from ourselves and protect our. So called moral code and character but most Americans aren't looking to eliminate most of government. But to limit it to make it work better.