Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Atlantic: Economy: Dashiell Bennet: What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Didn't Solve: Why The Federal Government is Dysfunctional

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Didn't Solve - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

Other then raising taxes on the wealthy for deficit reduction and avoiding most of the middle class tax hikes except. For extending the payroll tax holiday which is going to go back up which is just one of the tragedies of. This fiscal cliff deal, Congress and the President didn't do much more then once again do what they are the best at. Which is kicking the can down the road and creating some new artificial deadline in hopes of finally making. The tough decisions knowing that there's no guarantee of that happening either because Congress is Congress. And Barack Obama is still the President and they could once again in February or March decide that they are once. Again not ready to make the tough decisions and create really the one thing that the economy needs to finally take off. Which is certainty so investors and consumers know exactly what their taxes are and know what they can. Afford to spend and not to spend and once they know that, then the economy will finally take off to the point. Where we are looking at 4-5% economic growth with 200K plus jobs created every month, which would. Lead to falling unemployment as well as a falling budget deficit.

I really do believe that President Obama and Speaker Boehner the most powerful and highest ranking Democrat and Republican. In this struggle want to work out a compromise and both know that they have to compromise now instead of waiting. Until one party has all of the power again and start making these tough decisions now but the problem is that. They both know what its going to take to get our debt and deficit under control so they both aren't growing. Faster then our economy and if anything coming down, they both know what it takes to accomplish this. And what the final compromise would look like but the problem is that they are both worried about how. The fringes in their parties who have the attitude my way or no way would react to it and be called sellouts. And have their members in Congress face primary challenges if they agree to any compromise that actually. Solves the problems and gets this off of the national debate.

Neither Leader Barack Obama or John Boehner is strong enough and feels politically secure enough to take. On their bases and fringes and tell them we are going to make a deal that neither side would write if they had. The power to write their own deal and this is how its going to be and I'm going to tell my members they. Should vote for it because it solves the problems of the debt and deficit and will allow for the economy to finally take off.