Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Atlantic: Foreign Affairs: Simon Henderson: "To Stop Iran, Get a New Saudi King": The Future of Saud Kingdom

To Stop Iran, Get a New Saudi King - The Atlantic

If there's one country in all of Arabia and the broader Middle East that is in great position for an Arab Spring. That could make a smooth transition from a Authoritarian state to some type of Democracy where the government. Would be held accountable to the people, it would be Saudi Arabia which is a developed nation but with only 25M people. Thats a physically large country about the size of Mexico not quite as big that could be developed even further. And at some point could have 100M people comfortably, thats energy independent with oil and gas. But where social freedom is very lacking compared with most if not all other developed nations around the World. So if Saudi Arabia were to go from Theocratic Kingdom which they are right now to some type of a Democracy. The new government would inherit a lot to work with and not be forced to start from scratch which is what. Happened in Afghanistan because the Saud government has out the Saudi resources to work and developed the country. Unlike what's been going on in Iran or Iraq with Saddam Hussein.

But for the Saudi people to ever see freedom they are going to have to want it and standup for it. Because the Monarchs and Theocrats aren't going to give it to them and to this point one of the reasons how. The Monarchs have stayed in power is essentially by bribing the Saudi people with its vast oil resources. If Saudi women are to be treated equally as men then they are going to have to want that and if Saudis are. To have Democracy then they are going to have to want that as well with some type of Democratic movement. Emerging in Saudi Arabia which is what happened in Egypt and Libya and hopefully Syria as well. Because the Authoritarians aren't going to give up power because thats what they thrive on and thats how they stay in power. Once you take away their power or enough of it to fight back, they start collapsing as we saw with Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. When his security forces wouldn't put down the Egyptian people.

I could see at some point if the Saudi people want this where Saudi Arabia transforms from Authoritarian Monarchy. To some type of Federal Republic where the Monarchy is still in place but no longer governing the country. And replaced by civilian rule which is what happened in Spain and Britain and some type of Federal Kingdom of Saud emerges in. The House of Saud rather then the Saud Monarchy running the country and Democratic rule emerges there. But for that to happen the Saudi people are going to have to want it first.