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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cato Institute: Video: Emily Ekins: The Libertarian Roots of the Tea Party

The Tea Party's best hope of becoming a real movement that would outlast a few election cycles and develop into a governing coalition. Like the FDR coalition or the JFK coalition or the Goldwater/Reagan coalition. Was back in 2010 when there were people in the Tea Party who described their politics as Libertarian or at least have Libertarian leanings on social issues. Or at least to the point that they didn't push Big Government Republican positions on key social issues. Which is how people like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson got elected to the Senate and Justin Amash. And others got elected to the House but the problem with the Tea Party is that this is not the. Majority of the Tea Party coalition or even close and probably the majority of the Tea Party coalition today. Is basically the religious right and Neoconservatives and you can almost put these two groups into one Republican coalition now. People who I call Confederates that have members like, Richard Mourdoch, Todd Akin, Michelle Bachamnn, Sarah Palin and others. Who call themselves Constitutional Conservatives except for areas of the Constitution that they want to amend.

When Michelle Bachmann announced her campaign for President in the summer of 2011. The first two positions that she took as a Presidential candidate. Was to call for two Constitutional amendments, someone who calls them self a Constitutional Conservative. Coming out in favor of amending the first and fourth amendments. A Constitutional amendment to outlaw pornography and another one to outlaw abortion. Because thats how pornography and abortion have remained legal in this country through the first and fourth amendments respectfully. When I first saw those proposals I wrote a blog about them that day. And I took a few things away from the. Bachmann amendments, that she was another Big Government Republican and not a real Conservative. That she was a back benching US Representative who never ran for state office let alone. Ran for national office, both true by the way and that she wasn't serious as Presidential candidate. Because the GOP establishment would never take her seriously.

I don't single out Representative Bachmann to make fun of her but to point the fact that she. Rick Santorum, Richard Mourdoch and other Big Government Republicans represent a large faction of the Tea Party today. If not the majority and why the Tea Party as it stands today will never be a governing coalition. Because the people they represent a fringe of the American people and no where near a majority. And how the Tea Party has become a fringe in this country and how they blew their opportunity to be a governing coalition early one. When they could've backed the real Conservatives and promoted more real Conservatives like the. Rand Paul's, Mike Lee's and others who currently serve in Congress today.