Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, January 7, 2013 Robert Wenzel: Has America Gone Euro-Socialist? Has America Gone Euro-Socialist?: Here's a clue from the cover of Economist magazine: Actually, to be more accurate, Obama should have been dressed as one of these tw...

I've read a lot of interesting blogs from the Economic Policy Journal, intelligent even though I tend not to agree. With them as a Liberal and the EPJ tends to be more Libertarian but this latest post from them quoting the Economist Magazine. Asking the question has America become more Euro Socialist are we now expecting our Federal Government. To provide the same services as the Europeans get from their Federal Governments and willing to pay for those services as well. And are we also willing to limit our freedoms to fend for ourselves and to make sure we are safer and so fourth. The answer is of course not what America is doing now is reexamining its role in the World but so is Europe. Especially with our debt and deficit situation but again so is Europe and what we can afford for our Federal Government. To provide for its people but again so is Europe but also what we are willing to pay for those services. But again so is Europe and we are looking at our Federal Government all across the board including in. Defense but so is Europe and if anything Europe is looking at expanding its defense budget.

The question isn't is America becoming more like Europe but is Europe becoming more like America as Europe. Is now scaling back the size and scopes of their Federal Governments and the main reason why they have the social insurance systems. That they have is because they don't have to worry about their national security because other people who don't. Live in those countries pick up the tab for their national security which is how we spend 6-7% of our GDP. On national defense where Europe spends around 2% of there's but with our debt and deficit situation we won't. In the future and I would argue even now continue to be able to afford to fund the national security for nations. That can afford to defend themselves, which means we'll need to either pull put of Europe all together or have. Them pay us to defend them or sell them the equipment so they can defend themselves but we'll no longer be. Able to give them their national security for free.

Another part of this as we saw in Libya and I believe we'll see in Syria and Mali as well, Europe wants a bigger. Role in the World when it comes to national security and foreign affairs and even become a superpower themselves. As they are watching the developments of China, India, Russia and Brazil and are seeing themselves have. Less influence on World affairs which could work out for both America and Europe to have a future superpowers as an ally in the World.