Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, January 10, 2013 Robert Wenzel: US Tells UK That It Should Stay in European Union: The Future of Europe US Tells Britain That It Should Stay in European U...: Yup, the collapsing EU is just where the US wants Britain to stay. In other words, the former Empire is getting a little lesson on how Empir...

To be frank the United States should stay out of the United Kingdom's business as far as what international organizations. It joins, Britain need to make that decision on their own and you can see why Brits are no longer enthusiastic. About being part of an organization of Socialist Republics that are drowning in debt and aren't growing economically. Britain has its own economic and financial issues it has to deal with which would be even worse right now. Had it joined the European Monetary Union back in the late 1990s and evaluating where they should be economically. When it comes to World affairs and what will there role of government be in the future, as well as what Britain. Will look like physically in the future, what's going to happen with Scotland and North Ireland, are they still. Going to be part of the United Kingdom or is the UK going to develop some type of Federalist system where. The English, Scots, Welsh and Irish living in Britain will have more independence to govern their own affairs.

The European Union is going through a similar transition and not sure where they are headed financially, economically. The role of their governments and where they'll be when it comes to World affairs either but they do know. They want a bigger role both diplomatically and with their military and they also know that the UK by itself. Has more influence around the World and perhaps even in Europe then does the EU and the EU would love to close those gaps. And are looking at creating a unified armed forces that would not only be and strong enough to defend Europe. By themselves but be able to address and play key roles in crisis's in the future like in the Middle East and North Africa to use as examples. But Britain would like to go solo because they already have the power that they need and want on their own. And aren't interested in being directed by Brussels or anyone else.

I don't see this happening in the near future but at some point within twenty years maybe we could see a European superstate. A brand new Federal Republic in Europe made up of a lot of the current EU states which would be a huge country. Of 300-400M people that would be in position to have the same influence and power that the United States. Has now and that China, Russia, India and Brazil will have in the future but Britain would never be part of this union. Because they are too independent.