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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, January 14, 2013

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Constitution: Robert Anderson: "Gun Registration Is as Bad as Seizure": How To Limit Gun Violence in America

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Gun Registration Is as Bad as Seizure: By Robert Anderson Silence rarely conveys knowledge, especially when it’s the result of intimidation. There are moments when it’s prudent...

To start off I believe that every American whose responsible and mentally competent and can afford to purchase, manage. And take care of of firearms in the United States is entitled to own a gun in this country as long as they aren't using them. Against innocent people and are responsible with them, so the question is what to we do with the rest of the population. The non eligibles when it comes to firearms in this country and how do we keep guns away from them and the idea. Is to not create a perfect gun regulation system because thats not possible but how to we prevent the most guns deaths from. Happening as possible and to prevent future gun violence from happening in America we need a broad comprehensive approach that. Deals with mental healthcare as well as regulation of the entertainment industry and rating the industry across the board. And making sure that parents in this country have all of the information that they need to keep their kids away from violent programming. That could inspire adolescents from being part of violent acts in the future.

But if we are just talking about guns and regulating firearms in this country we need to do it a responsible way. Thats Constitutional, that doesn't violate the US Constitution, any part of it by not trying to get around the 2nd Amendment. By not giving the Federal Government more power then it needs, it should have or violates the US Constitution. And not doing anything that would hurt the economy but creating a gun regulation system that meets this criteria. But also solves the problem that brings our gun violence down to an acceptable level not perfect, we'll always have gun violence. And other crimes in this country but we can do a lot better then we are doing now and to do this and I'm not. Acting as if there's any shot in hell of something passing like this in the 113th Congress which is divided but where there's division in both. Parties when it comes to gun control but again what I believe is the best way to solve this problem is having. A licensing system similar to how we regulate drivers in this country.

My National Gun Licensing System would only be national in the sense that each state would have their own. But the Federal Government wouldn't run it but the states would and it would be financed by gun owners themselves. And to own a gun anywhere in this country, you have to be mentally competent, 21 or over, an American citizen. Pass a background check to see or not if you have any outstanding warrants, as well as a violent felony record. And pass a basic test to show you know how to operate firearms in this country and are familiar with the responsibilities that come with gun ownership.

Again I would regulate guns like we regulate automobiles or planes and it wouldn't empower the Federal Government. But empower the states to deal with this issue on their own.