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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Liberty Pen: Video Uncommon Knowledge: Author George Gilder: Wealth And Poverty, How to Create More Wealth While Reducing Poverty

Capitalism by itself doesn't produce wealth or poverty in America, its how we use Capitalism which covers our entire economic system. That determines whether we are rich or poor, what kind of education we get, what we do with those skills. How productive that we are and the more people who use Capitalism wisely, the more wealthy as well as middle class people. We have in this country and the less low income people we have in America.

The beauty of Liberal economics, the Liberal version in the real sense of what Liberalism actually is. Is a form of Capitalism that empowers the most amount of people as possible to do well in the Capitalist economy. Because we would all have access to a quality education, we would have an infrastructure system. That allows for business's and individuals to get their products to market to be sold. But also so individuals can get around the country in a timely and affordable way but it also employs millions of Americans. With good paying jobs so we can live independently but we also would have a tax system. That would encourage work over dependence and independence over dependence, because we wouldn't penalize. People for being productive but we would all be taxed fairly based on what we consume from society. That would be Capitalism at its best but thats not the economic system we have right now. The system we have right now especially with our tax code, encourages business's and individuals to be. Dependent on government for subsidies.

The way to have a more lets say equable economic system where more people would benefit and less people living in poverty. Is not to take from the successful to give to government to take care of the less fortunate. But to empower the less fortunate to become successful as I just laid out in paragraph one. Where adults and their kids living in poverty would be empowered through a good education system. Where students would go to the school based on what's the best school for them and not where they live. Where teachers would be paid based on their quality of teaching and not how long they've been teaching. And where schools would be funded based on need and again not where they are located. That would be an ideal education system but the problem with that is the opposite of those three policies that I just laid out. Are true rather then it being the other away around. And then we need a safety net thats designed to empower people to become independent, rather then encouraging them to remain dependent. And empowers them to get off of public assistance through education, job training and job placement.

Greed by itself is not a problem, we all want to be successful and make money in life. At least most of us and then be able to keep most of the rewards for being productive. But greed can be abused when its used to eliminate competition or hurt innocent people for your own good. Which is another problem with our economic system and what we need to do instead is empower. And encourage people to be successful in life, not destroy others as they move up the economic. Ladder and are able to enjoy life more.