Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reason: Economy: "Matthew Feeney: Eurozone Unemployment at Record High": Why America Won't Impersonate Europe

Eurozone Unemployment at Record High After EU Leaders Say Worst is Over

I saw an article in the Economist Magazine yesterday a publication I tend to agree with the cover, "America turns European". Implying that we are becoming like them, a lot of it had to do with our dysfunctional political system. But part of that suggests that we are becoming European ideologically as well, more Socialist, more faith in government. To solve our problems for us an take care of us, lets see Congress right now has an approval rating somewhere. Around 10% and the Federal Government's approval rating overall is probably not much higher. President Obama seems to be the only national politician with a favorable rating nationally but that doesn't. Mean anywhere near a majority of the country wants him to raise all of our taxes and give the Federal Government. More power and make our healthcare decisions for us and how to plan for our retirement or run our schools. And so fourth, the President's approval rating has to do with the fact that the economy is improving and his. Presidential reelection campaign not so much that we as a country want the Federal Government to run our lives.

When I saw the Economist article I wrote a counter to that on this blog that you might of saw arguing that Europe. Is becoming more American rather then the other way around, more Liberal and less Socialist as a block as they are cutting back. On their social insurance systems and becoming more engaged around the World in foreign affairs and becoming. More hawkish with their military's and so fourth but here's more evidence that America is not becoming more European. Only Germany right now out of all of the big economies in Europe has an economy thats even growing or has anything. Approaching what would be considered an acceptable unemployment rate at 6.9% with their GDP growing at around. 2% for the last quarter of 2012, their unemployment is about a percentage point lower then America's but both economies. Are growing at about the same level, so maybe America should be more like Germany or vice versa but. The Eurozone on average has an unemployment rate of over 11% and they are in recession.

At most 15-20% of the America would qualify as European Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists people. Who call themselves Progressives in America and they don't run the Democratic Party to put it mildly and are. Spread out over several different minor Progressive parties in this country so no America is not becoming. More Socialist or European and if you look at the Eurozone right now and then look at the American economy. We shouldn't be headed in that direction right now anyway.