Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reason: Healthcare Reform: Peter Suderman: The Public Option and The Future of Healthcare Reform

The Public Option and the Future of ObamaCare

I was for the public option when it came to healthcare reform in 2009-10 and I still am but under in certain conditions. That it remains a public option and doesn't become a single payer health insurance system where government run health insurance would be the only game in town. And we all as a country would have to take it and pay for it we wouldn't have a choice. What I would be for is essentially making Medicare available to everyone who can afford it, adults that is. With kids still getting their health insurance from their parents and also allowing each state to set up their own Medicare system. The Federal Government wouldn't run a national health insurance or healthcare system but each state could have their. Own system but the Medicare public option would still compete with private non profit health insurers and be held to the same regulations. As non profit health insurers so Americans could get a very good idea of what non profit health insurance and healthcare looks like. In this country rather then people losing their health insurance even if they are still paying their premiums. Because health insurance companies want to make more money.

The public option idea is not a radical idea in this country, we already have public non profit health insurers. Like Medicare, Medicaid, military health insurance, some states have their own public options as it relates to health insurance. And a lot of other developed countries have a private/public health insurance system, France and Japan come to mind. Whose healthcare systems cost half of what our does as it relates to their GDP. We are not talking about a government takeover of the American healthcare system, again this is not single payer Medicare for all. And I'm not in favor of that, what this is, is an opportunity for everyone especially middle class Americans. Who are borderline in whether they can afford health insurance or not the opportunity to have access to affordable healthcare. And not be left out of the system because they can't afford it and passing those healthcare costs onto the rest of us.