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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

ReasonTV: Video: The War on Fast Food: Can a Washington Suburb Fight Fat with Zoning?

The Princes George's County Council member in this video said that its her job to protect her constituents. And keep them healthy as if she's their mother or something when thats not her job but her job is to represent them. And protect them from things they can't handle themselves as it has to do with public safety and regulating the economy. Prince George's does have an obesity problem but so does the rest of the United States and prohibition doesn't solve the problem. It just sends jobs and business's to areas that will take them and takes money out of the areas. That won't take them so prohibition or over regulation in this case doesn't solve this problem it just. Sends it to other areas, so if the goal is to cut back on obesity in Prince George's, then the way to. Do that is by taxing junk food and drink and forcing people who live unhealthy to pay for their own healthcare. As a result of choosing to live unhealthy rather then passing those costs onto people who do live healthy. And doing things like making healthy food more affordable, as well as exercising, not by sending jobs and business out of your county.