Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ron Paul 2008: "Wealth Belongs To Those Who Generate It- Not To The Government"

Source: Ron Paul-
Source: Ron Paul 2008: "Wealth Belongs To Those Who Generate It- Not The Government"

I would add that most of the wealth that individuals create belongs to those individuals, but that government also has a duty to provide the services that it has the constitutional authority to provide that we need it to provide. Not what we want government to provide and takes taxes to finance what we need government to do for us.

Even if you believe in limited government, which I do as a Liberal, you believe in at least some form of government. Even if you believe in small government, which is what a lot of Libertarians believe in, you believe in at least some level and form of government. If you're a small government Libertarian and believe in the nation-state, you believe in at least some form of a national government. And generally small government Libertarians believe in federalism and the federal republic. And all forms of government needs revenue to pay for the operations that the people need government to do. Unless you want high tariffs and discourage foreign companies from investing in your own and don't support free trade, or you want to borrow most of the money that government needs to fund itself, you need a tax system to pay for your government operations. And that means the people people who consume those services pay taxes for those services. Low tax rates on everyone who can afford to pay them would fund your limited government.