Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Atlantic: Congress: Elspeth Reeve: Paul Ryan vs. Eric Cantor in The Battle For The Future of The GOP: The Carrots vs The Sticks in The GOP

Paul Ryan vs. Eric Cantor in the Battle for the Future of the GOP - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

There's a building civil war in the Republican Party today about where they should go in the future. And how they should respond to the 2012 elections where they practically lost every major demographic group. Except for Caucasians especially in rural areas and Evangelicals and. Lost the popular vote in the House, dropped two seats in the Senate and Senate Democrats added to their majority. And President Obama not only getting reelected but winning the popular vote and electoral college as well as every. Republican swing state he won back in 2008 except for Indiana and North Carolina that are typically reliable Republican states anyway. And we are hearing Republicans in different factions debate amongst themselves how to move forward. And expand their base.

What it sounds like House Leader Eric Cantor is doing after he read the results of the 2012 elections correctly. And based on this new agenda he's pushing and speeches he's been giving. And base on this I believe he's read the elections results correctly at least so far. Is that he believes the Republican Party at least in the House of Representatives needs a positive agenda and message. That can appeal to people outside of the Republican Party especially young voters and perhaps Latinos and Asians. And just saying what you are against things and never being in favor of compromise despite the fact that. All of the power you have is control of the lower chamber of Congress and that you need to layout what you. Are for that can appeal to people who aren't hardcore Republicans today in the Tea Party. And even live outside of the Bible Belt and aren't interested in pushing issues like abortion, pornography. And homosexuality, that the GOP needs an economic agenda that can appeal to Americans outside of the. Republican Party and be able to keep Republicans in the Northeast and Northwest that perhaps are considering leaving the GOP. From doing that so they can remain competitive in the future.

What it sounds like Representative Paul Ryan is doing Chairman of the Budget Committee is doing. Is using the national attention he got from running for Vice President in 2012 for Mitt Romney. To continue to push the same agenda he's been pushing since 2009 when Barack Obama became. President and when he was still the Ranking Member of the Budget Committee when House Democrats were. Still in charge, at least as it relates to the economy with major cuts in discretionary spending. Basically non defense and entitlement spending where most of the money in the Federal budget is not. And continue to gain momentum with the Tea Party movement. At least when it comes to fiscal policy but right now he's in talks with House Democrats and others on a comprehensive immigration reform plan. That House Republicans and Democrats are getting ready to release. So Rep. Ryan is looking to expand his base in at least one area.

Its clear that Republicans especially in the House assuming if they are interested in keeping their majority in the future. And if they have any hopes of ever winning back the Senate in the near future. Needs a new agenda to appeal to more Americans. Especially younger Americans and people who live in. Metropolitan areas and outside of the Bible Belt where most of the country lives. And that means they got to get off of the divisive social issues and start believing in the thing they keep saying they do. Which is freedom but for all Americans and across the board and a Conservative economic agenda. That would benefit all Americans would be a start.