Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Atlantic: Opinion: Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Emancipation of Barack Obama: What This Means For The Rest of America

The Emancipation of Barack Obama - The Atlantic

I believe that Barack Obama himself would be the first to say that he wasn't interested in being the first African American President. Or that he wants to be President of African-America but that he wanted when he decided to run for President to be President of the United States. And it so happens that he is the first African American President of the United States. But it just goes to show you how far America has come with all the racial difficulty we've had as a country with all the racism. That we do have an African American President whose father even though he was born and raised in Kenya. That is Barack Sr. that he probably had some ancestors who were brought over to the United States as slaves and these. Slaves are also Barack Jr. ancestors as well and yet Barack Jr. is now the President of the United States a country that once where slavery was legal. And effected millions of Africans negatively and robbed them of their homeland, their culture, families, heritage and so fourth. To work as slaves in a country where they never heard of, didn't speak the language and so fourth.

Barack Obama represents several things in this story and I believe all of them positive. One again how far we've come as a country in race relations where the overwhelmingly majority of the voters in this. Country are Caucasian where racism isn't as big of a factor in this community that Progressives would have us believe. But where its still a factor and there are too many ignorant Caucasians that would never vote for any African American or any other minority American for President of the United States. Yet President Obama was reelected with still roughly 4-10 Caucasians and won Southern states like. Virginia and Florida so these are good signs for the country that we are moving forward when it comes to race. Relations but another positive aspect is that it still shows that the American dream is still alive where no matter how you. Start out in life if you work hard, gets yourself educated and make the right decisions in life early on and build off of that. You can still be successful in America.

But going forward there are still huge challenges for the rest of the African American community. That still trails Caucasians and Asians in most if not all economic categories and still have higher rates of. Poverty and unemployment and out of wedlock births and unwanted pregnancies and people in the criminal justice system and so fourth. But the good news is that there are lessons that can be learned from our President that if you make the right choices in life. Early on and build off of that and government does what it should can do as far as opportunity to a quality education and job training. That any American can be successful in life as well.