Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ayn Rand Institute: Video: Yaron Brook: Aren't Entitlements Part Of The Social Contract?: What is The Safety Net in a Liberal-Democracy

I agree with Yaron Brook that social contract is not the right way to describe the safety net or public social insurance. That for a contract to be a contract, two separate parties have to agree on terms, put those terms in writing and sign the same contract. And when we all start working and paying taxes, we haven't signed an agreement or contract to allow for government. To take that money from us, actually we don't even decide for ourselves which country we are born in and where we are raised. Our parents do that for us but I'm not sure thats the point because I agree that with the notion that taxes are money we all pay on condition of being. Able to live in a civilized society and to not have to live in anarchy. If you are an Anarchist or a classical Libertarian you probably disagree with that. And then the real debate at least for me that the left and right have debating in America ever since we established. The Federal income tax a hundred years ago, to what degree should we be taxed as individuals and. Organizations and what should government at all levels be doing for us on our behalf, so for me thats the real debate.

When it comes to the safety net or social insurance, we need a safety net in America. Private and public and perhaps we could move to a fully private non profit social insurance system. In the future but until that happens government has a role not to take care of us or try to run. Our lives but to help people who for whatever reasons aren't at the time able to fend for themselves. Be able to get themselves on their feet and have income in the short term while they are putting themselves back in shape. To be able to go back to work and be able to pay their own way. Thats what the safety net is at least to me, thats what the Liberal model is when it comes to social insurance. That the Democratic Party by in large have embraced since the 1990s with Bill Clinton when he famously said. That public assistance should not be free and that physically and mentally able people should put themselves in position to be able to. Take care of themselves.

Entitlements are just that, you paid for something and now you are entitled for the reward of what you paid for. Whether its Social Security, Medicare, national security, public safety or whatever it may be. So as long as we are paying government for these services because they are taking our money to provide us with these services. We have the right to expect them to provide those services and when they aren't able to do don't. Then we should ask for our money back and take our business somewhere else.