Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, February 15, 2013

Common Sense Cap: Video: PBS Firing Line: Thomas Sowell: The Income Gap Myth

As a Liberal I believe in having an economy that works for as many people as possible. Where our poverty level wouldn't be as high as it is today and we are more competitive with the. Rest of the developed world but to have an economy like that where most of the country is enjoying. Economic freedom and where our poverty level looks more like our normal unemployment level, instead of 3-4 times as high. It helps to have facts and use real terms and terms like wealth gap or income inequality which are not real and kinda made up doesn't help the situation. I mean how is it unfair that someone with a good education and is very productive. Makes 10-20 times as much as someone without much of an education or perhaps just finished high school. And maybe a little college or someone who didn't finish high school and is unemployed and living. Completely off of public assistance, the person with a good education who is productive and. Invests and creates things and so fourth. Should make a lot more money then people who don't at least in a Capitalist system with economic freedom.

Now for people who grow up in poverty and the only option they have for school is some run down school. Where they are not going to get the skills that they need to be successful in life and know this. And decide to dropout, which would be bad decision on their part but its easy to understand why they may feel like that. Compared with someone who grew up in wealth with two successful parents and so fourth. And has the option of going to a great public school or their choice of great private schools. Now the poor kid might have a very good case to make, why should the rich kid get all of the access to having a great life. And I'm stuck with what's left that no one wants to use, the poor kid would have a very good case to make there. And those are the students we should be targeting so our poverty level isn't so high in this. Country but to say that its unfair that successful people make so much more money the unsuccessful people. Is simply not true.

We don't have too many successful rich people in this country but the problem is we don't have enough successful people. Which is why our poverty rate is as high as it is which is twice as much as other developed nations. But to argue that its somehow unfair or unjust to have people who make so much more money then others. Is not true and what we need to do is to develop a system that develops a lot more successful people then we do and that gets to better education.