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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Firing Line Videos: Video: PBS Firing Line: Capital Punishment: William F. Buckley Jr. Interviewing Truman Capote

Capital punishment like abortion and war and peace are perhaps the three most difficult issues to look at. Unless you exclusively look at them from left or right leanings for or against or vice versa. Because we are talking about life here and when should it be allowed to end and what does the role of government have to do with it. And you can make a good intelligent case for or against on all three of these issues because even convicted murderers even. Convicted murderers who are guilty of the crime they've been convicted of are entitled to Constitutional rights.

The job of the state is to respect and enforce the laws and protect us from people who would harm us intentionally. So for me on this issue gets to the Constitutional rights. Of the individual who murders, as well as the general publics right to live in a safe environment. Individuals in America have the right to life but we don't have the right to take the lives of innocent people. And its the job of the state whatever the level of government to step in when one of us murders an innocent person. And the question is what should the state do with someone who murders someone or murders people like in the case of a serial murderer. There's another debate in America as it comes to life in whether or not we should value the lives of some more. Then others or should we all be judged equally as individuals but the fact is we as a country including government. We value some people more then others even government and that we value the lives of people who don't hurt the innocent intentionally or otherwise. And if anything work and help people who are less fortunate more then people who hurt and take the lives of the innocent.

People who break the law by hurting the innocent intentionally or by acting irresponsibility and commit felonies. End up going to prison and end up spending time there that no one in their right mind would want to do and lose a certain level of quality of life as well as freedom. As oppose to people who do the right thing and live productive lives and produce for society. So knowing this we know that as a country we value some lives more then others. When it comes to capital punishment the question is does the state have the right to take the lives of people. Who intentionally kill innocent people which is exactly what murder is and under what circumstances. Who represent a threat to intentionally kill more innocent people in the future. Because they either enjoy murdering people or killing in general or simply believe they are justified in murdering people.

This is a tough debate for me as a Liberal as someone who does respect and believe in the right to life as well as individual freedom. Who doesn't want to see any innocent people murdered including convicted murderers who are innocent. But I do believe the capital punishment should be legal and rare and only subjected to people. Who are actually guilty meaning, there's no question that they murdered the person or people they were convicted of murdering. Who represent a serious threat to murder or kill again. For all other convicted murderers, life without parole is a justifiable punishment.