Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hoover Institution: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: Thomas Sowell: "Dismantling America": What Right Wingers Get Wrong About Barack Obama

When you talk about the right wing at least in America, you are talking about a group or side of the American political spectrum. That represents several different political factions ranging from the center-right, where the Conservative-Libertarians are. To the Libertarian-right which is further to the right and then Neoconservatives and religious-conservatives. Christian-Theocrats really on the far-right and the Theocrats who along with the Neoconservatives who are basically. Confederates and represent the Bible Belt and rural America. So when you are talking about right wingers in America you should know who specially you are talking about, which faction of the. Right wing in America you are focused on.

The center-right doesn't like Barack Obama because of what they see as the excess of spending under his administration. As well as foreign policy as it relates to what they see as undeclared wars by President Obama and to a certain extend the use of drones. And even as it relates to the War on Terror and what they see as violations of civil liberties as it relates. To things like the Transportation Security Administration to use as an example. And they don't like President Obama because of what they see as overregulation by this administration. Libertarians don't like anything about Barack Obama and perhaps even see him as illegitimate to be President of the United States. And basically see him as a dictator who ignores the US Constitution when it comes to the economy but also civil liberties. The far-right doesn't like President Obama, some of them see him as an illegal immigrant who wasn't born as an. American citizen and there racial components to their opposition as well. Plus they don't him for ideological reasons across the board and someone they see as. Dismantling what they call traditional America.

What they don't understand or admit and thats each of these factions is for one that Barack Obama is not a Socialist or a Social-Democrat. Even but an economic Liberal who wants to have an American economy that works for everyone where all Americans have the opportunity to. Succeed with American Capitalism and have economic freedom instead of just the few of us on a percentage basis. Where all Americans have access to a good education, where we have a modern public infrastructure system. An energy policy that utilizes all of our natural resources and not just a few of them. And a public assistance system that empowers people who need it to be able to get themselves the same economic freedom that the rest of the country has. Through things like education, job training and job placement and not indefinite dependence. On public assistance but a path for these people to be successful in life as well.

President Obama doesn't have an agenda thats designed to empower the Federal Government or his office with all of the power in the country. Which is one of the most warped conspiracy theories I've ever heard but what he wants to do is empower Americans with a system. That promotes things like economic and job growth in the private sector with a infrastructure. Education, energy and tax and public assistance system that promotes economic freedom for everyone.