Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learn Liberty: Video: Freedom: An Idea to Change Your World: What Individual Freedom Means

This is a great discussion and debate to have because anyone who believes in Democracy. Whether its Liberal-Democracy in America or Social-Democracy in Canada or Europe or Australia. And parts of Asia believes in a certain level of freedom, some just more then others. But if you are on the center-right or on the center-left such as myself. You believe in a great deal of individual freedom and the ability for one to live their own lives and chart their own course. In life without government harassing them or controlling them or telling them how they should live their own lives. As long as we aren't interfering with others freedom to live their own lives. Thats what individual freedom is in its Liberal form, a Liberal amount of freedom not government. And as well as Conservative form, meaning its the job of government to conserve freedom. Not try to restrict it or subtract from it. Thats what Liberal-Democracy is if you are a Liberal or a Conservative, not doing everything by majority rule but protecting. Individual freedom even if it were to become unpopular.

But here's an area where government should come in and plays a role. For one protect individual freedom and not try to restrict it or subtract from it. That means people who already have the individual freedom to live their own lives. That freedom has to be protected as far as the people who still deserve that freedom. Meaning they haven't hurt any innocent people but that government also has a role to play to see that there's a system in place. Where as many Americans as possible have the opportunity to live in freedom in America. Meaning as many people as possible have access to a good education, that we have a. Public infrastructure system so we can all get around the country in a timely and affordable way. And that we have a tax system that promotes economic and job growth in America. Promotes success and doesn't subsidize things that lead to weak economic and job growth. And that government doesn't overtax and regulate but does enough of those things to promote economic and job growth.

Thats what freedom is at least coming from a Liberal such as myself rather then government running a system. That protects people from making bad mistakes by trying to run their lives for them both economically and socially. But that for a functioning Democracy to work we need people to be able to run their own lives and have incentive to be successful. So we have as many successful free people in the country.