Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Liberty Pen: Video: C-Span's Q&A: Walter E Williams: A Philosophy Of Self-Ownership From 2012: How Property Rights Relate to Individual Freedom

As a Liberal whose a Liberal in the real sense and not a Liberal that looks more like a Social-Democrat. That today's so called 'modern Liberals' look like, I do to believe in the philosophy of individual freedom and with that comes property rights. That the state doesn't own us or our property as long as we aren't interfering with others property rights. Trying to dictate to others how they live or interfering with their property. This is the big thing that separates Liberals from todays Social-Democrats or Progressives who believe we are all part of the same. Society and that the state has a role to make sure that everyone has enough and no one has too much. Even if that means individual freedom and property rights need to be restricted. Social-Democrats are collectivists by nature and don't like the idea of individual freedom very much. Because they believe it leads to inequality of people having too much and too little and so fourth. You don't have to be a Libertarian or classical Conservative to believe in individual freedom and. Property rights even Progressives who aren't Marxists believe in a certain level of economic freedom. And property rights but we all differ as far as how much of these things we should have.

You can't have much of a Liberal-Democracy if you don't have at least a certain level of economic freedom as well as social freedom. Without property rights which covers both, we would essentially all be subjects of the state. And I don't believes todays Progressives or Social-Democrats understand this. Without property rights, the state would be able to take away our homes, business's, come onto our property and so fourth without needing things like. Search warrants and so fourth because government would own everything. It would be governments world and we would just be living in it, essentially prisoners in our own country. Which is what happens in Authoritarian countries where freedom and rights are very limited if any freedom. At all which I believe is something that Progressives need to think about going forward. How much power do they want to give the Federal Government or any government over the people. Even if that power is suppose to be used for our own good.

The only thing I would disagree with Walter Williams on is when it comes to these issues. Is relating slavery to taxes, slavery is force labor for someone's else's benefit. With no financial compensation for the slave, the only compensation comes being able to stay alive. To work for the master and if you are going to have a functioning civilize society with law. And order as well as freedom, you need government to enforce our laws and rights and not violate. Those things and they need revenue to do that.