Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Liberty Pen: Video: Murray Rothbard: Involuntary Commitment: How We Incarcerate Criminals and The Mentally Ill

I'm not sure why we are even debating this since we are talking about the mentally ill and even criminals. Who represent a threat to a society as well as themselves but more importantly to innocent people who just want to live their lives. We have to have a system that deals with people who intentionally hurt innocent people, or who hurt innocent people by acting. Irresponsible or hurt people because they simply don't understand the consequences of their bad decisions. Because of some type of mental defect and since we now live in a World where Libertarianism has more. Influence on our political discourse and how we look at issues we deal with. And since todays Libertarians sound more anarchic, people who just don't believe that individuals have the right. To live their own lives as long as they aren't infringing on others to live there's. Which is something I agree with as a Liberal but modern Libertarians as I guess I'll call them have taken. That a step forward and now have lately been arguing that government shouldn't even be involved in dealing. With people who hurt innocent people, that somehow thats an infringement on individual freedom as well. Which is why I say that modern Libertarians now sound more anarchic then Libertarian.

Do we have a perfect prison and mental health system, of course not stupid question that I only pose. Not expecting anyone to answer but I do that for this simple reason to layout for anyone who might think otherwise. That I'm defending the current prison and mental health system, which of course I'm not and you already know that if you read this blog on a regular basis. What I'm saying that if you are going to have a civilize society, which the United States clearly is. Then you have to have a functional Federal Constitution that defends individual liberty including the right of individuals to live. As long as they aren't intentionally taking the innocent lives of others. And for other offenders who hurt people again by being irresponsible, like drunk driving to use as an example. Or hurt people because they simply don't understand the consequences of their decisions. Like with what we've been seeing with these gun violence incidents the last few years. Then we as a people have a right to expect our government to deal with these people in a humane and responsible way. So they can't threaten innocent people.

This means having a corrections not prison system that houses people who are threats to society. But in a humane and responsible way that treats these people like humans and gives them the opportunity to become responsible productive people. Even if that means they are serving life sentences and in a lot of times they aren't. Which is why they should be prepared to live and succeed on the outside and we need to fully fund our mental healthcare system. So those people get the care that they need to be as productive, functional and responsible. As they can for society or while they are institutionalized.