Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Peter Schiff: Video: MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show: "Capitalism is Getting a Bad Name": What's Liberalize Economics at its Best

When President Obama says that he wants an economy an economic system where all Americans have the ability to succeed. A real Capitalist economy, you get to the heart of his economic philosophy where all Americans have economic freedom. And not just the wealthy and well connected but people who come from modest means and are living modestly as adults. And when Peter Schiff says we don't have to create that economic system because we already have it. He's simply wrong otherwise 1/5 Americans wouldn't be living in poverty right now. Because we have the 39th education system in the World that leaves out way too many Americans at having the. Shot at having economic freedom that still the overwhelming majority of the country enjoys. We have an infrastructure system that has a 1T$ hole in it according to the US Core of Engineers. And is behind its long time competitors like in Europe as well as trailing its emerging competitors like Brazil and China. So we don't currently have an economic system where enough economic freedom is there.

The beauty of Liberal economics is that all Americans have a shot not a guarantee to succeed in life. Because we would all have access to a good education, we would have a modern infrastructure system that puts people to work. But also allows for our products and workers to be able to get around the country in a timely and affordable way. We have a tax system that promotes economic and job growth, as well as success. And discourages, unemployed, ignorance people who don't have the skills to be successful in life because they didn't get themselves a. Enough of an education, as well as dependence on public assistance that if you want to make a good living. And not live in poverty you really have to do everything you can for yourself and have the skills to be successful in life. And a public assistance system that empowers people who fall down to be able to get themselves back up.

Liberal economics a form of American Capitalism, also rewards people for then they take risks and are successful. And also holds people accountable when they make bad decisions. Instead of bailing people out when they run companies into the ground. With money from people who made the right decisions. This is the vision of economic Liberalism and is not the system that we have right now. Where unfortunately we are rewarding the opposite of things that we should be rewarding. Instead of success and good decision making.