Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reason: Big Government: Jacob Sullum: A Paternalist Worries About Paternalism: Why Individual Freedom and Responsibility is a Better Option Then Big Governmentalism

A Paternalist Worries About Paternalism

Once government tries to protect people from themselves with prohibition and other methods. It ends up arresting people and sending them to places that are horrible for ourselves for the most part. In order to protect us from ourselves, so the unintended consequence which a lot of unintended consequences tend. To come from Big Government, is that government ends up hurting the very people they are suppose to be protecting. The War on Drugs is the perfect example of that where millions of Americans end up in prison for doing something thats bad for them. End up in prison getting no help for whatever addiction they may have and without much of a future to look forward to. Because now they've left prison with perhaps an addiction but also with a criminal record and good luck getting a good job with a criminal. Record even if its drug related where you weren't the dealer. So trying to protect people from themselves not only hurts the very people that Big Government is trying to protect. But it doesn't work because those unhealthy behaviors continue and if anything grow, again take the War on Drugs.

Where government thats good because its limited can play a constructive role in the areas of lets say healthcare. With all the ideas to ban junk food and tobacco and so fourth, is forcing the people who make unhealthy choices to have to deal with the consequences of their bad decisions on their own. Instead of passing those costs onto people who've chosen to live healthy. And starts with government on its own by stop subsidizing junk food and drink in this country especially as it relates to. Public assistance but all other forms of public service in this country and then have people who've chosen to. Live unhealthy pay for the consequences of those decisions. In the areas of taxing junk food and drink, higher premiums for healthcare for unhealthy people. And using the revenue from these things to pay for emergency healthcare thats far too often goes uncompensated in this country. And then subsidizing healthy behavior so people see the benefits of living unhealthy as well as the. Financial costs of living unhealthy.

The only way government can work well and be effective in a Liberal-Democracy. Is by being smart and limited and recognizing that there's a limit to what government can try to do for people even for. Their own good before it ends up actually hurting them like in the War on Drugs. And that for people to be free and government to be effective the people need to be held accountable for the decisions that they. Make both good and bad.