Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reason: Foreign Affairs: US Senator Rand Paul: Containment and Radical Islam: A Foreign Policy For Conservative-Libertarians

Containment and Radical Islam

Republican foreign policy use to actually be Conservative not so much now as the party as a whole has become more Neoconservative. But the GOP foreign policy use to be based on being strong at home and broad, having a strong national defense. That could not only defend the United States to the point that no one would be crazy enough to attack us at home. Any country that is and that we can also effectively respond to crisis's abroad where our national interests are at stake. And that it was also realistic that there was a limit to what America could do alone especially with just our military alone. And that we should never rush to war and never look to go to war but that military force always has to be an option. But only when its the best option and when all other viable options are already used and that we have to have. Partners around the World to work with us to protect and expand freedom. That again we couldn't do everything thing on our own, which is one of the things that I respect about President Reagan. Because as much as we was called a war monger by the far-left in America, he never needed to take us to war.

This is why I believe President Bush was a real Conservative and not as Centrist as some of his Republican critics have accused him of being. And that his son George W. is less of a Conservative at least while as President then his father was. Because if you look at Conservatism at its roots its about conserving and moving cautiously to avoid making mistakes and going too far. Which is a big reason why H.W. was such an effective President when it came to foreign policy and I believe overall one of. The most underrated American President we've ever had and with this blog in Reason today this is something that I believe Senator Rand Paul understands. That you can't judge American power and strength based on how much we spend on it but how powerful and strong we are. Which separates Conservatives from Neoconservatives, Conservatives operate in the real world when it comes to. Foreign policy and  Neoconservatives operate in the world that they want when it comes to foreign policy.

And this also why Senator Rand Paul is not a Libertarian in the classical sense. But a Conservative-Libertarian, someone who values individual freedom but in a broad sense. Not just as it relates to economic freedom or corporate freedom or Christianity but social freedom as well. But combines those values with a realistic foreign policy that combines a strong national defense and using it. When we need to, to protect our national defense but also applying fiscal Conservatism to it. This is the defense that we need and no more, not just spending money to be strong but spending money wisely. And eliminating defense waste whenever it exists as well.