Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Robert Wenzel: Video: Social Insurance: Murray Rothbard on Welfare Payments: How to Make Social Insurance Efficient

Making welfare payments efficient, is that even possible with all of the fraud in the entire social insurance system. Like people winning the lottery but still collecting food assistance or unemployment insurance. But for the sake of this post lets say it is otherwise I would have to write an entire blog about welfare fraud in this country. Which would probably put most if not all readers to sleep reading it, if they make it through the whole way. And I would have a hard time staying awake long enough to finish that piece myself. But for the sake of argument lets say it is and I would just say leading off that if you want a more efficient. Social insurance system in this country its really simple as far as what needs to happen but a little. More difficult in as far as bringing it about. But at the end of the day you need fewer people collecting public assistance which that alone would bring down the fraud in the system. But that gets to better economic and job growth, better education system and empowering people to. Work themselves off of public assistance for good.

Now the details for people to get off of public assistance. They need to be incentivized to do so, meaning that low income and low skilled people live in the real world as well as far as. Having to pay bills and take care of their families and if you can make more money not working through public assistance. Then working and that they have to take care of themselves and their families, then they have to be making more money working. Short and long term and in the short term for low income low skilled workers whatever full time jobs they may have or a collection. Of jobs, they have to be making more money working those jobs then not working at all. So work simply has to pay more then not working even for low income jobs. So people not working know for them to be able to make more money and rely less on food banks, as well as other private. Charities, as well as public assistance, they need to go to work.

Long term as we are empowering people to get off of public assistance all together and not have to collect a dime from it. They need to be able to and get the skills that they need to be able to take care of themselves. Finishing high school or getting a GED, as well as assistance for vocational and job training. Or community colleges for a combination of all of these things so they can get themselves a good job. So short term people who are currently not working, go to work even in a low skilled and low income job. So they can get some experience and have that job pay more then not working at all. While at the same time getting assistance so they can finish high school in one form or another. So they can be in community college or vocational or job training and have the skills that they need to get themselves a good job and leave. Public assistance all together.

As an actual Liberal-Democrat not a Social-Democrat or Libertarian. I believe that public assistance should be so effective that it becomes obsolete. Meaning knowing thats probably never going to happen but always striving for that goal anyways so public assistance becomes. Effective as it possibly can and the way to get there is simply making work no matter the income level or skills set. Pay more then not working at all.