Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roll Call: Politics: Steven T. Dennis: President Obama Aims to Put GOP on Defense: The New Liberal-Democratic Agenda

Obama Aims to Put GOP on Defense in State of the Union Address : Roll Call News

At risk of breaking already known news, if that makes any sense. This is no longer the New Deal/Great Society Progressive era in the United States as well as Democratic Party. And even though there are still Progressive/Social Democrats in the Democratic and outside of the Democratic Party in. America they are no longer running the DP or are in charge of the DP, they now run the Green Party and the. Democratic Socialist Party and whatever is left of the Progressive Party in America. Doesn't mean economic Liberalism is dead and not doing well but tying the success of the economy to how much the. Federal Government does for its people rather then what the people are able to do for themselves. Is not economic Liberalism to begin with and what we heard last night was an economically Liberal speech. And even a socially Liberal speech in that we need government to do certain things in the economy for it to be. As strong as possible so as many Americans as possible have the ability to live the American dream. And be able to live their own lives and be able to support themselves.

What we heard last night from President Obama was an economic Liberal speech that represents where the Democratic Party is in America. Today the so called modern Democratic Party thats now combined economic freedom but economic freedom that works for the whole country and not just a few. To go along with social freedom where the DP has been since the 1960s anyway. And the DP not all Democrats but as a whole the DP has moved past the New Deal/Great Society era. That its obviously not looking to end those programs but to reform them and have them work better. But moving past this by using government to empower as many people as possible to be able to have the freedom that the. Rest of the country has and not have to live in poverty and to accomplish these things. Government needs to do certain things, as it relates to infrastructure investment, public education, energy policy. Research and development, a tax code that promotes economic and job growth and a public assistance system that empowers people who need it. Be able to take care of themselves.

President Obama did not give a New Deal/Great Society speech last night with a host of new proposals to create new Federal programs. Or invest a lot more money in the current programs but to highlight the areas of what we need the Federal Government to do. So that we have an economic system that thrives for the whole country or as many people as possible. Instead of just a few people, which is what economic Liberalism is about.