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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mises Institute: War on Drugs: Mark Thornton: Nullify The War on Drugs: Why its Time to End The War on Drugs

Nullify the War on Drugs - Mark Thornton - Mises Daily

I'm not sure nullifying the War on Drugs in the sense this is not the right time to be conducting this so called war. Is the right way to put this because as far as I'm concern there has never been a right time to have a War on Drugs that was designed to fail in the first place. Not on purpose but the right policies were never put in place to win this so called war in the first place. Because the whole idea of the War on Drugs is literally to punish people for their own good and prevent people from selling drugs to people. Who want them and that we are punishing you for your own good because you are too stupid to decide for yourself whether or not you should be smoking marijuana. Or taking heroin or cocaine or whatever it might be even though you are smart enough to decide for yourself whether you should drink alcohol or. Smoke tobacco or take steroids or prescription drugs that are more addictive. So this so called war was not only designed to fail but it contradicts itself in that it outlaws some narcotics but leaves others in. Place which aren't narcotics in a legal sense but are just as bad for you if not worse.

And what Americans are waking up to now, members of my generation and the Y Generation as well as some baby boomers. Is that a war thats not even a real war but a phrase like the War on Terror. Wars are fought between people and countries. Designed to obtain certain property or resources or to keep a country in place or to knockout a certain government. A war is not something thats conducted by a government against its own people to prevent them from doing things that they see as dangerous. So we are not talking about a war here but a phrase and lets just be clear about that. And the U.S Government's policy against narcotics in America has been a failure and people born in the 1960s, 70s and 80s know. This and perhaps know people who have been victims. Of their own governments policy towards narcotics and tired of paying taxes to lock people up in jail who aren't real criminals and aren't threats to. Society Americans aren't as dumb typically as our government gives us credit for being.

So when President Obama announces that his administration "has bigger fish to fry" then catching people who use or sell marijuana. That tells me he's familiar with political situation and if I had to guess given Barack Obama's own background and the time when he grew up. Is not a big fan of the so called War on Drugs and his position on it is mostly about enforcing current Federal law and not taking heat. From Independents for not doing that.