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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NBC News: Latin America: Carlos Raho: Analysis: Chavistas Begin Search for Latin America’s next ’Comandante’

Analysis: Chavistas begin search for Latin America’s next ’Comandante’

Its not that Socialism is the problem in Venezuela, this a country with a relatively small population and gifted in natural resources and people. With a good deal of land where Democratic-Socialism as it comes to the safety net or welfare state. Mixed in private enterprise thats well regulated with the right infrastructure and education systems could work in Venezuela. Socialism is not the problem, its the Neo-Communism that President Hugo Chavez brought to the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela. Where he tried to forcefully eliminate the Liberal opposition and perhaps other types of oppositions that weren't part of. The Socialist Party thats the problem in Venezuela. If you are going to be a Democratic-Socialist which Hugo Chavez wasn't as far as how he governed. You have to have Democracy, a certain level of freedom for the people in the country and not force them to be dependent on the Federal Government. For their survival, you need both economic and social freedom which is what they do in Europe including in Scandinavia. President Chavez wasn't much of a Democrat, Socialist, Liberal, Conservative or anything else but basically a. Neo-Communist dictator who tried to centralize all power in the country in his administration.

So going forward what Venezuela and Cuba should both be doing to prevent their talent from leaving the country. And moving to places that have more freedom, like Brazil, America or Canada, even Mexico, is incentivizing these people to stay. One of the problems that Iraq is facing since the fall of Saddam Hussein which of course was a great thing for the country. But one of the problems they've had since and when he was President there, was a lost of talent to other countries like America and in. Europe why live under authoritarian rule when you don't have to and you don't believe in Authoritarianism even when its called. Socialism when you can live in other countries where they have freedom, social, political and economic. So the next step for Venezuela and I think they are much closer to this then Cuba, is to figure out how to mix Socialism with Democracy. And build a real Social-Democracy where the Venezuelan people can thrive there.

This might sound horrible but its true, the death of Hugo Chavez could be a good thing for Venezuela. If they use it to build their country and not look for the next Hugo Chavez the Fidel Castro of Venezuela. But use this opportunity to have real elections with a real opposition party thats not put down. Just because they agree with the ruling party and build a real Social-Democracy modeled on. Social-Democracies that are common in Scandinavia and Brazil.