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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Reason: Ciivil Rights: David Lampo: "Harvey Milk's Mixed Legacy": What Libertarians don't Like About Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk's Mixed Legacy

Here's just one example of why the Republican Party is a party with suicidal tendencies. 5-10% of the population in America is Gay, they also tend to be Conservative-Libertarian. Yet since the GOP is run by Neoconservatives or Theocrats even, they say you are not welcome in our party for the limited because of. Who you are attracted to and how you carry yourself even if that doesn't hurt anyone else. Mitt Romney lost the Presidential election by roughly five million votes and two percent. Lets say he wins the Gay vote overwhelmingly because they tend to be Conservative on economic and fiscal policy. Not saying that makes up the difference and puts Mitt over the top but roughly 120M Americans voted for President in. 2013 and roughly 5-10% of that vote is Gay, thats about 6-12M votes that Mitt essentially kissed off for fear of losing the religious-right. Gays voted for President Obama because he's with them on issues as they relate to civil rights and the GOP is basically a party. That believes that Gays don't even have a right to exist, which is just one example of why Republicans lost in 2012.

As far as Harvey Milk's mixed legacy as Libertarians might describe it. You have to understand that Milk was a politician who happened to be Gay not a Gay politician and that civil rights for everyone including. Gays wasn't his only concern and that not all Gays are on the right and here's another example of why Libertarianism is looking more fascist to me. Because if you don't go down the line with Libertarians on all of their issues and don't look Libertarian or classically Conservative to them. Somehow you are in favor of Big Government or something, rather then saying we might not agree with you on everything but there's. Enough there for us to say that we like you politically and so fourth, even if you are not a clone of Ron Paul.