Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bryan Anthony: Video: HBO Real Time: Bill Maher Trashes the Libertarians and Paul Ryan: The Weakness of Anarcho-Libertarianism

The overall message of Libertarianism is sound to me as a Liberal. That its not the job of government to protect me from myself and me being anyone not me selfishly. Me is also any adult not currently incarcerated if you want to get really technical. And perhaps thinking that I might think that nine year olds should be allowed to drive or fathers should be allowed to. Marry their fifteen year old daughters or sons if you want to take this really far. That government shouldn't try to run our lives economically or personally or try to run the world. Either when it comes to the military or foreign-policy and all of these things Liberals tend to agree with as well, no seriously. Its when so called Libertarians as I would put it, people who I call Anarcho-Libertarians. That think that stoplights or street signs, or denying their kids healthcare or something. That somehow is violating one's freedom to be forced to stop and look both ways before entering an intersection. Or making their kids where seatbelt's that somehow violates an individuals freedom that I have a problem with.

Imagine if Anarcho-Libertarians ruled the world meaning America, which of course is the whole world if you are an American. No more street signs, no more seat belts, no more food inspectors. So imagine a world like this a Libertarian-Utopia. If Joe goes through an intersection without looking or stopping and gets plowed into by Bob coming from the other direction doing the same. Thing and they are both seriously injured. Well the Libertarian answer to that would've been Bob and Joe should've been paying attention. And assuming they are ever able to physically walk let alone drive again, they'll know to look before crossing in the future. When we could've saved those two men from serious harm but putting up street signs. Because most people tend to obey laws whether they agree with them or not. But a lot of people don't tend to do things they don't want to do until they are forced into doing them.

Or imagine of Tom and Susan went to a restaurant and of course we no longer have food inspectors. And they both get food poisoning from eating spoiled roast beef or whatever the meal is. Now they know not to go back to Dick's Steakhouse because they do not inspect their meat properly. When we could've save that couple a night in the emergency room by just getting the meat inspected properly. And saved our healthcare-system some money as a result. Its not the job of government to protect us from ourselves. Which is what I believe as a Liberal and not tell me what I can eat and do to my own body and how I can spend my own money. But it is the job of government to regulate the business's that I deal with so certain unnecessary harm doesn't. Come down on me that I couldn't of prevented from happening myself. Which is what separates Liberals and even Conservatives from Anarcho-Libertarians.

Again Libertarianism as far as how individuals should be able to live their own lives as long. As they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing is sound and I believe in that. But what today's Anarcho-Libertarians seem to forget in that is long as we aren't hurting innocent people with what we are doing. That there shouldn't be some official authority that deals with that. Because the person who hurt the innocent person shouldn't have to pay a consequence for hurting that person. Because that somehow violates their freedom or something. Really the freedom to do what, hurt innocent people. Where in the U.S. Constitution do we have the right to do that.