Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Classical Liberal: The Libertarian, The Conservative, and The State: Why Conservatives and Libertarians Should Have no Problems Getting Along

The Libertarian, The Conservative, and The State

This might be hard to believe for anyone who believes that Conservatism is about Ann Coulter or Rick Santorum. And Libertarianism is about Lew Rockwell or Ron Paul but the fact is Libertarians and Conservatives have a lot more in common with each other then people tend to think. Its the religious or Neoconservatives, Theocrats and secular-Statists on the right-wing that represent the Far-Right in. America that do not have much in common with Libertarianism because there philosophy is not about freedom and. Choice and letting people live their own lives but that governments job is to prevent people even by force from making bad choices as they see them. And when everyone is living a moral or American way of life as they see it, thats not about choice and freedom but what they see as. Traditional- values, then thats a truly free America where Americans are protected from making decisions that aren't. In there's or the national interest lets say.

You put Barry Goldwater Sr. or his son Barry Goldwater Jr. in the same room with Ron Paul. They'll probably find a lot that they agree on and would probably differ when it came to foreign-policy. But that they would agree that Americans should have the freedom of choice to live their own lives as long as. Long as they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing. Senator Goldwater even believed in the right to organize for workers as long as they weren't forced to organize. So if you had a Republican Party that was primarily Conservative, made up of Conservatives and Libertarians even. Conservative in the Conservative-Libertarian standpoint and not Statist or Theocratic. The Republican Party would do very well because people would see that this is a real Republican Party and not a. Theocratic Party trying to run our lives for us.

Its the Christian-Theocrats and Neoconservatives who are really right-wing Statists who believe its the job of government to protect the people. Even from themselves at times that look at Conservative-Libertarians and classical-Libertarians as Liberals. Because they do not understand political-Conservatism and what limited-government is about thats different from Libertarianism. That don't fit in very well with the Libertarians.